2018 Grant Awards

The following projects have been funded by the Josephine County Cultural Coalition for 2018:

  • 3 Rivers Chorale toward the purchase of a permanent riser storage system
  • B Wishes Music for the Honey Bee Choir for Kids
  • Barnstormers Theatre for stage lighting
  • Boys and Girls Club for the Junior Picasso Club
  • Grants Pass Museum of Art for providing educational visits for fifth graders to the museum
  • Rogue Valley Symphony for the “Connecting with the Classics” project
  • Siskiyou Music Project for the “Artists in the School” project
  • Twin Heroes for the 2018 Festival Residency
  • Frederick Douglass Traveling Exhibition at the Grants Pass branch of the Josephine Community Library District
  • Women’s Crisis Center for the “An Evening to Remember” project
  • Woodland Charter School for musical instrument development


Updated 2/26/2018