A Tax Credit

Short video which helps to explain the figures on the chart.


Tax Season is coming up soon.  As the year comes to an end we are all asked for donations by many organizations.

The Oregon Trust offers a positive benefit.  If you donate to your favorite cultural organization and then donate an equal amount to the Trust you get a Tax Credit.  This can really help your tax liability.

The chart at the right illustrates the benefits.

We hope you will consider us and the cultural organizations of Josephine County in your giving that can also benefit you.


Our Grant Cycle is now closed.  To those who submitted a request — thank you !

Look for great projects in the coming year!!


Exchange for Change 2019

Exchange for Change brought together youth from Portland and Jo Co to expand awareness of each other and the different lives they all have. We assisted with some support of this innovative method to create change in our world.

Last chance to hear the Three Rivers Community Orchestra perform this Weekend:

Grant Cycle Closed – 2019 Mini Grant Cycle application

Look for wonderful events posted here for our 2019 Mini Grant events.

Give to cultural nonprofits and get Oregon tax break

The following letter to the editor was published in the December 28, 2018 issue of The Daily Courier. Thank you, John, for the letter of support!

As a supporter of arts and education, and as a library district board member, I’d like to share some information about a great tax credit opportunity for all Oregonians.

Residents of Oregon who contribute to one of 1,400 Oregon cultural nonprofits, including the Josephine County Library Foundation, can receive a state tax credit of up to $500 per individual or $1,000 per household.

Donors simply add up all the contributions they’ve made to qualifying nonprofits, then make a matching contribution to the Oregon Cultural Trust by Dec. 31 for a 100 percent credit to directly reduce 2018 Oregon income taxes.

Our local libraries have received $51,572 in direct grants from the Cultural Trust, and Josephine County has received $239,375 including support from the Josephine County Cultural Coalition, which makes grants locally using the same tax funds.

Oregon is the only state that offers an opportunity to give directly to local cultural nonprofits and get a tax break.

I encourage everyone to take advantage of this opportunity to give to nonprofits in Josephine County and receive a tax credit this year. To make a donation for 2018 and to find out if you’ve already given to a qualifying nonprofit, visit the Oregon Cultural Trust website.

Grants Pass

Boys & Girls Club 2018 grant-funded materials

The Boys & Girls Club 2018 grant funded materials for art work for the children.  Here is a sample of the work.  The exhibit is now showing at the Shops at 6th & G Streets. The art will remain up through December 30, 2018.  For more information on purchasing the children’s work, contact Clarissa at 541-476-5258.

Have you donated to the Cultural Trust yet?

Now’s the time as you will receive a Tax Credit when you do your taxes.

Pick your favorite cultural non-profit and donate, then match your donation to the Cultural Trust — https://culturaltrust.org/

3 Rivers Chorale

The 3 Rivers Chorale used grant funds from Josephine County Cultural Coalition to purchase a trailer for their equipment. Follow this trailer to get to a great chorale performance!

The grant cycle for 2019 grants is now closed

After we have reviewed the grant proposals, we’ll announce the awarded grant projects in December 2018 on this website. For all of you who submitted a proposal, thank you for continuing to promote the arts and culture in Josephine County!

Join us in supporting the arts and culture!!

Another completed project by the Illinois River Valley Arts Council

This project was supported by JCCC and Haines & Friends.

Mini Grants — the awardees for our Spring 2018 season

  • “Featured Musicians at the Cave Junction Market” – CJ Farmers’ Market – $500
  • “Open Studios ‘How It’s Made’ Catalogue” – GPMA – $500
  • “Support Editorial Coverage of Cultural Events and Artists” – RV Messenger – $500
  • “Opera to Go” – Sunny Wolf Charter School – $110
  • “Sheet Music Purchase” – Three Rivers Community Orchestra – $500

We hope you will support these groups in their efforts to enhance the arts, culture, and heritage of our community of Josephine County!!

Women’s Crisis Support Team

Josephine County Cultural Coalition helped support the WCST’s fundraiser: An Evening to Remember.

Grants Pass Museum of Art

The GP Museum of Art was granted monies for Elementary students to visit the Museum for arts instruction.

We visited the Museum during one of the classes. The students were engaged with their attention to their instruction into the world of art!


Recognition from U.S. Senator Jeff Merkley

The Josephine County Cultural Coalition is thrilled to have been recognized by Senator Jeff Merkley for its work, particularly for its support of the Frederick Douglas exhibit at the Grants Pass library throughout January 2018. At a January town hall meeting, Senator Merkley presented a flag flown over the U.S. Capitol to members of the JCCC board. With your help, the coalition will continue to serve the Arts, Heritage and Culture of our community.

Josephine County Cultural Coalition announces the 2017-18 Grantees

  • 3 Rivers Chorale to aid in a permanent Riser Storage System
  • B Wishes Music for the Honey Bee Choir for Kids
  • Barnstormers Theatre for Stage Lighting
  • Boys and Girls Club for the Junior Picasso Club
  • Grants Pass Museum of Art providing educational visits for 5th Graders to the Museum
  • Rogue Valley Symphony and Connecting with the Classics
  • Siskiyou Music Project for Artists in the School
  • Twin Heroes 2018 Festival Residency
  • Frederick Douglass Traveling Exhibition at the Josephine Community Library
  • Women’s Crisis Center to aid in An Evening to Remember
  • Woodland Charter School for Music Instrument Development

2017/2018 Josephine County Cultural Coalition projects

We hope you had a chance to see their presentations!!

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The Josephine County Cultural Coalition works to foster a culturally rich community in Josephine County by encouraging participation in the arts, heritage, humanities, and culture through education, activities, fundraising, and grant awards.

OCT-logo-miles-1_0The coalition is part of the Oregon Cultural Trust network.

Click to learn more about the Josephine County Cultural Coalition. Click to contact us.


Updated 9/25/2019