JCCC Grant Recipient Status Report 2020 cycle

Interim Report due May 31, 2020

Final Report due one month after project completion or by December 31, 2020

Please answer the following questions and return the report as soon as possible. Use additional pages if necessary.

1. Name of project: ____________________ Date of completion: _______________

2. Amount granted by JCCC: _____________ Total Project Budget: ______________

3. Number of Individuals benefitting: #________________________________________

4.Grant project description:

5. How is the JCCC grant helping to meet your objectives?

6. Please share any anecdotal evidence of your project’s success.

7. Please use the JCCC budget form to report on project expenditures.

8. Please share with us copies of any printed materials and media coverage that your project has been given. Pictures should be sent in jpg format. You may send the report and attachments in an email or by postal mail.